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I was expecting it to be later in the week for some reason, but hey! New chapter.

Hiraishin no jutsu. The Flying Thunder God gets mentioned again, and it's not just Minato that can do it. Although apparently it's just Minato that can do it on his own, as we need a tag-team of Raidou, Genma, and someone else (maybe Aoba?) to perform it.

Side-note: Raidou! I was actually just lamenting how I haven't seen him lately. I'm glad he isn't getting glossed over, he's one of the more interesting background characters that we don't actually get any details of, and I'm always glad when he gets his burnscarred facetime.

Interesting that we get Oonoki's flashback to when Madara was alive. On first read, it looks like maybe Madara is responsible for enmities between Konoha and Iwa, possibly laying in the seeds of the war in the Yondaime's time? (Also, Oonoki is oooooold.)

It's also interesting to note that Dead!Madara is fully aware of Tobi!Madara's moon plan. Probably dashing my speculation that Tobi is not actually Madara, but hey, it was fun while it lasted.

ALSO: Super Sentai! Super Mega Village Leaders Shadow Ninja Rangers, power up!
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