Apr. 22nd, 2011

alliancesjr: (Falcon)
So, I've fallen back in love with Star Wars.

Saying that assumes there was a "falling out" phase, which I suppose you could argue; I donated most of my EU novels to a shared bookswap my friends were hosting, Knights of the Old Republic was gathering dust, and everything else just kind of fell to the wayside.

(I guess the more accurate term isn't that I fell out of love with Star Wars, but that I just lost interest in its antics)

However, a few months ago a Warcraft guildie was talking about her ages-old RP she and her friends used to do for years and how she was starting it back up, and by the way was I interested in reading it, and my ears completely perked up. I started replaying Knights, I picked up Force Unleashed 1 and 2 for cheap and am playing through those, and I've got a custom-built lightsaber model saved on a website. (I'm not going to order it, it's a hundred freaking dollars, but it's nice to know.)

(Shut it, Dayna, you have a frelling gunblade.)

All of a sudden, it feels like the best parts of junior high and high school again. I'm re-reading my favorite books, watching the movies, immersing myself in Wookieepedia, and wishing I could get the comic trades that sound completely awesome (such as the Legacy series). I've even rolled a character for the aforementioned roleplay, and am contemplating a second one as we speak.

I don't know what it is, but the feeling that I've been missing for the past few years, it's back.

I didn't even know it was gone.

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