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My baby sister is now seventeen. She is applying to colleges.

It's extremely sobering to think this. My parents now technically have four adult children (officially will next year), two of which are sight-unseen. They will be empty-nesters soon.

Even more sobering is that my baby sister is seventeen. I remember very clearly when she came home the first time, and I've changed her diapers and prepared her baby food and read to her and sang to her and where the fuck did all the time go.

What's even worse is that she's dating. Well, not right this second, but she's had at least one boyfriend thus far, and she drives and plays awesome music and is in a band, my sister is in a band you guys, I am going to head to the youth center next month to catch their first gig. And Trekkiegirl claims she is "a knockout", which what the hell.

Although, I suppose I shouldn't be complaining. I'm still teaching her awesome things. I got her interested in 90s punk, ska, and alternative - even if she calls it "retro" - and she's slowly but surely warming to the movies and books that I keep trying to get her interested in. I'm taking her to see Ghostbusters when it comes back to theaters this Thursday, and she's never seen it before. For a first time viewing, what better than in a packed theater? I mean, I still remember seeing Star Wars for the first time when it was re-released in 1997, and that's an experience I wouldn't trade for the world.

It's still pretty mind-boggling, to say the least. My baby sister is someone I can have extended, intelligent conversations and debates with, and I'm not denying how much I enjoy this fact, even when I decry its credibility.

That said, she told me today the choices in albums she picked out with her gift cards from her birthday, and I was chagrined to realize that I didn't recognize either of the bands' names. I'm getting too old for this - though in my defense, she is very much into the indie and local music scene.

    @alliancesjr: And now she's offering to burn me a CD, which is at once incredibly sweet of her and horrific mocking. I have nothing left to teach her.
    @alliancesjr: (I am so proud of her.)
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Episode 33: kekeke zerg rush, wherein Tessa, Adam and I discuss Warcraft, Starcraft and Dreamcraft Inception.

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About two weeks ago, my local D&D group encountered a young white dragon, blocking their path through the mountain pass. Half the group managed to sneak past it - the dragon itself was awake and watching their progress, but for reasons unknown it was letting them pass.

There was not enough space to let the oxcart through, and the dragon was staring pointedly at the ox pulling the cart. Gunnvor Gaidasdottir, who was raised in a village where her family raised oxen for sale, was fiercely protective of the beast.

    Trekkiegirl: "I'm going to try to Intimidate it. Scare it away."
    Roommate: "Uh, it's a dragon, I don't think--"
    Trekkiegirl: "No, it'll be cool, I can swear at it in Draconic. I know Draconic."

The result? )

It didn't work.
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So, I had an idea for the worst Dune pun ever.

@Gendou: Or, "The Baron Harkonnen was found with his limbs stretched from their sockets."
@alliancesjr: That pronunciation works even better! But it doesn't fit in the bubble.
@Gendou: Now it can fit -
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Debbie and I, early on in the month, decided that we'd go out on a platonic date. She and I have known each other for nearly six years now, and we know that we'd only work as friends1. But she and I were hanging out one day, and we both were kind of in a slump, so I told her to get dolled up and we were going on a date. No expectation, no anxiety of a real date, just two friends all dressed up and going out on the town.2

Meeting a girl. )

This story, however? It isn't over.

  1. If we ever tried to go out, we'd kill each other. Besides, there's no interest either direction.

  2. Except without the Gene Kelly interlude that tells us, through awesome yet superfluous dance, exactly what we had already been through not ten minutes before. Also without Frank Sinatra.

  3. For dessert, mind you.

  4. Those who know me will recognize this, but for the rest of you: I have a thing for girls in glasses. It is what it is.

  5. Long story short: Jusenkyo fascinates me.

  6. Speaking of the show, SHE HAS HEARD OF IT. She's a reader of Cleolinda, and when I asked if she remembers the podcast that gets linked every once in a while, she said yes though she hasn't listened to it at all. I got to use my podcast to impress a girl you guys.
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@Eviey: Does anyone know whether I can pursue a career in vagabond-ing?
@alliancesjr: You do realize that sounds like a euphemism for becoming an OB/GYN, right?
@alliancesjr: That or a plastic surgeon that specializes in reproductive reconstructive.
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So. Yesterday, while I was at a different jobsite, I could internet from work, and I was re-reading all of [ profile] cleolinda's Twilight recaps. They were hilariously bad.

It got me thinking. Cheer Sister had yelled at me before for making fun of the books she was reading without having read them myself. Granted, I knew what happens in the books, and she was kind of pissed that I was able to zero in on the things that bothered her about them (thus proving that she has some sanity for a now-fifteen-year-old-girl), but I have admittedly never been able to get past the second page. Like, physically. There's something about Stephanie Meyer's writing style that just...rubs me against the literary grain.


    KEVIN: I think I am going insane.

    DAYNA: Late bloomer.

    KEVIN: No, I'm serious.

    DAYNA: Can you call me?

    KEVIN: Not for another three hours. But I think I want to try reading Twilight again.

    DAYNA: KEVIN I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL BEAT YOU TILL YOU CRY because it will have the same effect.


So I'm trying it again. I'm going to force myself to read all four books.

Because I hate love you all so much, I'm going to document my journey into madness.

We begin with Twilight. Pray for my soul, if you are so inclined.
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Jillian's been home for a while now, and the apartment feels especially empty now. Perhaps it's the fact that three people in the place made it feel even more alive than normal, or perhaps it's just her presence and her constant singing filled the space, and now that it's gone it's incredibly noticeable. Perhaps it's the fact that she cleaned my room and now there's a lot of space there. Regardless, it's...not the same.

Sulking over, though. She's home and getting ready for another year of college, and that's an absolutely wonderful thing.

Side-note here: She and I have always had some funny conversations, especially involving her mother. Mrs. Jillian's Mom is an awesome person and I love her to bits, by the way. Anyway, the following took place after a discussion that Jillian had with her mother about a co-worker they had.

Jillian: And she dresses like a tramp, like she's trolling for sugardaddies or something. Really? Really? Who looks for men in a used book store?
Me: Someone who likes her men broken at the spine?

We've started Warcrafting again. Tessa, Adam, Jillian and myself have really had the hankering for Alliance-side roleplaying again, and we set up shop on one of the relatively new servers. Starting over, really. I mentioned to Rene that she and Gen were more than welcome to join us whenever they wanted.

I picked up a guild charter for us. We may keep it just us, or we might branch it out into a whole RP guild of its own, but I still need to get signatures for it. I'll offer gold in Elwynn later.

Cataclysm was announced at this year's BlizzCon, by the way, and I'm pretty excited about it. More thoughts will probably be given on this weekend's episode of Made of Fail, though the level of detail I go into will probably be dashed by the fact that Dayna could care less.

Speaking of the show, I've been playing around with some concepts that I need to discuss with Dayna. Things that'll ramp up the show a bit more (and take advantage of Topher's superior processing sexiness), things we can do to the show format that we'll both enjoy, and some general overhauling discussion that we've wanted to have for a while anyway. Needless to say, you guys should really enjoy what's coming up this fall.
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The New Computer is in Fort Worth at the moment. Which means it will not be here today, as previously hoped. Current status from the Tracking Number now says Tuesday.

It might have been here Monday were this regular FedEx Ground, but it's FedEx Home Delivery, which I was told by the helpful Lady At FedEx Whose Job It Is To Be Customer Service On Twitter that Home Delivery operates Tuesday through Saturday so that packages can be delivered on Saturdays without extra fees. Which is neat.

Sidebar: I WANT A CUSTOMER SERVICE JOB LIKE THAT. I have excellent text-based customer service etiquette, I have netiquette (which is surprisingly rare in online customer service people), and I know my way around this here newfangled adding machine type box thing. SIGN ME UP.

Debbie is coming over today, though now we are not limited to staying here for lunch since I no longer have to wait for a package. But I'm making tortellini and she's bringing over Freakazoid: Volume 2, so it'll be fine.

Jillian comes in tomorrow. Nervous.
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[7:35:07 PM] Kevin: So
[7:35:15 PM] Kevin: Tessa and I had the most awesome conversation the other day.
[7:35:21 PM] Adam: o rly?
[7:35:23 PM] Tessa: d:
[7:35:30 PM] Kevin: We were watching Raiders of the Lost Ark
[7:35:36 PM] Kevin: And John Rhys Davies was on screen.
[7:35:40 PM] Kevin: And he's got the most awesome voice.
[7:35:56 PM] Kevin: So I mentioned that he'd be an even better Hagrid than Robbie Coultrain.
[7:36:03 PM] Tessa: And I agreed.
[7:36:08 PM] Adam: Blasphemy.
[7:36:20 PM] Kevin: And then I said he'd be a really good Dumbledore.
[7:36:27 PM] Tessa: And I agreed.
[7:36:38 PM] Kevin: And then I said that he could probably even be a pretty good Hermione.
[7:37:24 PM] Tessa: And then I said that there should be a one man show of Harry Potter where John Rhys Davies played all the parts.
[7:37:36 PM] Kevin: Which is the most awesome idea ever.
[7:37:39 PM] Tessa: Yes.
[7:37:52 PM] Kevin: At the very least, he should record a new version of the audiobooks.
[7:38:50 PM] Adam: That is pretty awesome.

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