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If there's anything I have a weakness for - aside from Buffalo Chicken anything - it is a good chili. It's a relatively-recent obsession of mine, culinarily speaking, as I only had my first chili experience with Patrick, he who introduced me to the world of total non-sucking.

It's kind of a stereotypically Guy Food, chili. It's said that every guy has his own recipe, and will never share it with the world except when he's drunk, or really wanting to impress a girl. As false as this preconception is - most of my favorite chilis were made for me by awesome girls - the fact remains that it is as varied as the people who make it. Pat's chili, for example, favored heavily on the beans and lighter on the meat, and due to dietary restrictions was far more hearty than spicy.

Ever since then, I've sought out chili wherever I went. Sweet Tomatoes (also called Souplantation in other states) will often rotate between three different kinds, and once had all three available one frabjous day. When visiting Tessa before she moved up to Chicago, she took me to one of Cincinnati's three most famous chili places, where the chili is soupier and meant to be a condiment instead of a meal, and they give you funny looks for ordering just a straight bowl of chili even when it is right there on the menu, this is not like hot dog thing because Chicago doesn't even give you an option, no I am not still bitter about this.

(It actually is very good chili, despite my grousing.)

In any case, last week at work a box of chili mix was left at the front desk, and after a few days without anyone claiming it, I was allowed to take it home.


All things considered, it turned out pretty well. Two pounds of beef makes a lot of chili, and I'll have some for tomorrow. Thus begins my epic journey of chili-making; I plan on getting a slow-cooker (or registering for one for the wedding) and breaking it in with some Chili Around The World. It will be an EXTREME! EXPERIMENT!, in that I'll be researching a crapload of chili recipes from all over the internet, adapting and extracting and assimilating where I can.

Eventually, I will create the O'Shea Signature Chili, and when I do, internets, I will share it with the world.

It will be...


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