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So, there's this thing going around. I've seen it both here and Tumblr.

Exhibit A


This is possibly one of the most ill-advised and misinformed things I've seen in quite some time, and the SOPA and PIPA rally was only two days ago.

What is wrong with you people. Sure, let's make a statement! Only, the statement you're making is not what you think it is.

Sure, the RIAA and MPAA and similar companies have been total douchebags. Yes, they need to wise up and learn that the paradigm for entertainment has shifted to a more instant-gratification, pay-as-you-go model. This is not news. This is something I'd very like for them to learn.

If this movement actually happens, and makes a noticeable impact on their Q1 profits, however? If not only physical stores and movie theaters are affected, but also legitimate and by our own admission ideal online retailers get hit with this? Entertainment will plummet. Things that are not profitable get cancelled. Things that do not make money do not get quality sequels, wider distribution, and there will be less incentive for these things to happen.

Let's talk Firefly. Wonderful show, had poor ratings and was cancelled. Fans were outraged, but the numbers decided it.

Community is currently doing that whole "please uncancel us" dance. Hypothetical solution, if NBC loses profits on Community watches on Hulu Plus or Netflix or similar devices? Guess what that decision will ultimately be?

Movie theaters that don't get ticket sales for releases? They'll drop all the fun lesser-known titles and stick to the big-budget big-name things that will get the big crowds.

Learn what you are protesting before protesting it.
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