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I'm thinking about adding a re-read of Naruto to Second Time Around, maybe ten chapters at a time. I don't know.

Not much to react to or speculate on with this, just a lot of HOLY CRAP OONOKI and HOLY CRAP TSUNADE. It's pretty amazing to see Oonoki finally on board with world-wide peace between ninja villages, seeing as he's one of the ones to promote war half the time (and has hired out Akatsuki!). If he's convinced, the other Kages and lesser village leaders won't be far behind.

Also, A freakin' punched through Madara's Susano-o! Punched right the hell through it! Not only is it the Uchiha's Absolute Defense, but it's powered by a Rinnegan ("final" form of the Sharingan it looks like?), and reinforced by Madara's considerable will. Sure, Oonoki powered it up by speeding A's charge and upping the density of A's punch, still.

(Is anyone else tired of Susano-o yet? It was interesting when Itachi had one, but like the Sharingan, it's being passed around like a disease.)

They're calling the Madaras "Young Madara" and "Old Madara", though it's up in the air which is which. Edo Tensei Madara is visibly younger but he's also a corpse-dust golem, while Tobi has an older face but is immortal.

Showdown between Tobi and Kyuubi-cloak Naruto! Which Naruto starts with a headbutt. How'd he connect without Tobi phasing out? Is he just that fast?

Since Tobi is the grand mastermind of pretty much the entire series, and Naruto gets to finally fight him, then either he won't need to fight Sasuke afterwards, or Sasuke's the final hurdle for the series, since there's nothing left after that but for Naruto to be named the Rokudaime Hokage (or die). Either way, it looks like we're approaching a series finale within the next year or so.
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