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I might start doing this every week. It'd get me regularly writing, and it's something I can do. Besides, I GOT OPINIONS. I might go back and do things in a ten-chapter stretch, too.

Spoilers behind the cut.

Madara. Madara Madara Madara.

Here's the thing about the two Madaras, and this might only be conjecture here, but I'm not entirely convinced that it's a matter of Fake-Madara and Real-Madara. Sure, the Real Madara body was resurrected with Edo Tensei, which obviously means that Madara did, in some fashion, die - it's clear now that was the corpse Kabutorochimaru summoned - but Fake-Madara has all of Madara's memories. Though it's now coming into question if Fake-Madara has any of Madara's powers, since he has yet to use the Meteor spell, or any of the Mangekyou Sharingan abilities besides Kakashi's, the Kamui.

In any case, there are two possible theories I have. Fake-Madara is an advanced clone/copy/splitform thing, like the old Mummy Tsuchikage can do. Which means that Fake-Madara is not fake, and simply continuing his own legacy as a sort of twisted and perverted take on the Inheriting the Will of Fire.

Second theory, and probably the most plausible, is that Fake-Madara is a Zetsu copy, or even the other half of Black Zetsu. We know the White Zetsus can copy chakra signatures and even exclusive jutsus, and we know that Zetsu keeps getting more powerful with the Senju biomatter in the Gedo Mazo statue. We also know very little about Zetsu himself, only what some of his abilities are, he was the one to introduce Tobi/Madara to the readers and - most telling - he has been an integral part of Tobi-Madara's plans from almost the beginning.

My theory (that will likely get Jossed in a couple chapters) is thus: Tobi-Madara isn't using Zetsu. Zetsu is using Tobi-Madara, to the extent that he copied the real Uchiha Madara.

Also: Looks like Kyuubi no Youko is finally starting to work with Naruto. He started to talk of his own free will not long ago, and this is the first time he's not only offering freely of his power, but actively cheering Naruto on. Sure, it's against Uchiha Madara, the Kyuubi's most hated enemy (aside from Yondaime Hokage, that is), but it's a turning point. It's something that never happened before, and is most likely the stepping stone to being on "good terms" with his jinchuuriki. Yet again, Naruto clobbering people over the head and making them friends with him.

Granted, the "good terms" we may get might still be an antagonistic relationship, because the Kyuubi is a smug bastard, but hey.
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